23 Jan 2014

Hermes shawl playtime - Le Jardin de Leila shawl & scarf, Duncan necklace

Le Jardin de Leila cashmere/silk GM shawl from Hermes 

Natural/Anthracite/Noir 242807 s06 homage to Leila Menchari

Since 1977 Leila Menchari has been responsible for concocting the most alluring window displays for the Herm├Ęs store in Paris, also designing some of Hermes most iconic scarves.  Her window displays being a feast for the eyes with extravagant materials

My browns & neutrals

Teamed with the Duncan Hermes horn necklace
Duncan necklace close up

With DVF silk top & black J Brands

With the Max Mara Cube coat

The 90cm silk scarf 

Opened out
My favourite part of this design has to be the peacock!

Coming soon More shawl playtime with Mors et Gourmettes Remix in vert/natural/turquoise 242811s18

Hope you are having a good week, Elle x


Tabitha said...

Beyond stunning, I love the print on that shawl and with the shoes and etoupe Kelly, it is utterly sublime.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful choices Elle. You look like Ivanka Trump in the photo with your mouth closed.


Penelope Pitstop said...

I love your hair in a bob with the cube coat!

I thought it was a window display at Hermes and then realised it was one of your shots!!

Enjoy your lovely items.


Elle's Parisian Chic Blog... said...


Many thanks I am so happy you like them.

Love the detail in this design

Elle x

Elle's Parisian Chic Blog... said...


Many thanks!

Elle x

Elle's Parisian Chic Blog... said...


Many thanks for your kind comments

I am always either growing my hair or thinking of cutting it to shoulder length!

Elle x

Anonymous said...

Dearest Elle,

I have only just discovered your blog and your style and colour sense is amazing!

I just wondered (and I hope I'm not being to cheeky here!) if you would do a step by step photographic guide on how to tie a twilly around the handle of a kelly - Please forgive me if you have done this already, as I have not had the opportunity to look at your entire blog posts yet!

When I have tried to do this on my bags I always seem to have one end longer than the other and the twilly on your Kelly looks so perfect and neat!

Kindest Regards, Jo.

Elle's Parisian Chic Blog... said...

Dear Jo

A big welcome to my blog and many thanks for your kind comments!

I have made a note to make a twilly bag handle wrap post asap!

Best wishes, Elle x

Anonymous said...

Dearest Elle,
A lesson in twilly wapping would be absolutely fab and I really appreciate your reply - Thank you so very much! I have had a chance to look at some of your blog posts and your collection of 90cm silks is simply breathtaking!
Thanks again, Kindest Regards, Jo.

Elle's Parisian Chic Blog... said...

Dear Jo

You are very welcome, I am planning the post for the twilly, it will be published next week after the next post.

Happy to hear you like the 90's!

Warm wishes, Elle x